Agriculture Courses

Animal and Plant Physiology
This course addresses Chemistry and Physics through real world experiences through agriculture for students in grades
10-12. Career awareness, career exploration, and skill preparation are integral parts of the curriculum. As students
progress through the core curriculum and move into specific agricultural career clusters, there is a transition of emphasis
from career awareness and general exploration to career and occupationally relevant experience of greater scope and
Ag Economics
This semester-long course is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of economic problems and
institutions in which they live. We will examine concepts such as scarcity, supply and demand, business organizations,
as well as the role of the government and the Federal Reserve System. Materials and lessons are aligned with
California Standards.
Furniture Construction
Furniture construction allows students to design and develop or select approved projects that require working plans, a plan of procedure and a bill of materials. Student may provide own materials or purchase them from the school. CAD/CAM options using Mastercam are also available to students wishing to learn CNC operations as they relate to the woodworking industry.
Ag Survey
This course will offer an exciting hands-on understanding of Agriculture. It is designed for 1st year students and is taught
in conjunction with standards set by the Agriculture Education Curriculum Framework. Topics covered will be but are
not limited to : Agri-science, Plant Science, Animal Science, Ag Mechanics, Ag Biology, Careers, Leadership
Development and numerous Agriculture related topics.
Ag Science
This course is the first phase of a sequence in agriculture science. The purpose of this course is to introduce students
to physical science through the world of agriculture and technology. It will give students the opportunity to learn the
fundamentals of human needs, behavior, periodic table, chemical bonds, plate tectonics, weather, force of motion and
waves, light, the universe, oceanography, biotechnology, food science, processing, computers, and marketing.
Ag Biology
Agriculture Biology is a one-year, laboratory science course, designed for the college-
bound student.The course is centered around an extensive laboratory
component in order to connect big ideas of life science with agricultural applications,
earth and physical and science principles, and other curricular areas, including written
and oral reporting skills.
Ag Chemistry
This is a college preparatory course for students interested in pursuing agricultural science programs in college, with
emphasis on chemistry's applications to the environment and agricultural practices. Students will spend approximately
30% of this course engaged in laboratory exercises. Since this is an agricultural education course, students will also
participate in leadership development and create a supervised agricultural experience program.
Animal Nutrition
This course is sequenced in such a way to expand the knowledge of advanced topics in animal
science. Animal nutrition, physiology, and reproduction will be studied with attention to proper care of
animals. Animal health practices and management techniques will be included. This class is designed
for science elective (F) credit and to include requirements of the state community college 2+2 program.
Vet Science
This course is designed to provide students an applied scientific study in the area of animals and veterinary care.
This course focuses on the application of animal anatomical and physiological knowledge to the maintenance and
improvement of animal health. At the completion of this course the students will be able to take the exam to
become a level 1 certified assistant veterinary technician.
Ag Leadership
Leadership, communication skills, and work ethics are major contribution factors in
todays successful work source. This course is designed to instruct and train students to
meet the necessary leadership and communication skills needed for a career in agriculture
industry. This course will provide instruction and meaningful experiences in personal
development, career awareness and planning, management, and presentation of FFA
leadership activities and Community Service Projects.
Ag Mechanics
Basic Agricultural Mechanics is a year long class designed to give the beginning student a feeling of
worth and a positive attitude toward accomplishing basic tasks. It makes the student aware of the great
need for an advanced educational background necessary to pursue a career in agriculture repair or
general farming. The class is designed to teach basic shop skills. Taking class enables the student to
participate in FFA activities.
This class is designed to provide a foundation in viticulture and vineyard management. Some of the topics covered in
this course are grapevine physiology and structure, establishing the vineyard, fertilizing vines, irrigation and vineyard
equipment. Students earning a “B” or better are eligible for Allan Hancock Articulation credits. This class is designed to continue skill development in viticulture and vineyard management for students who have
completed Viticulture 1.
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