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Eddie Muñoz



How’s it going Righetti FFA! My name is Eddie Muñoz and I’m serving as your 2021-2022 chapter President. I am 16 years old and heading into my senior year at Righetti. Throughout my past 3 years in FFA I’ve had the opportunity to compete on several CDE’s like Tree pruning, tree judging, vegetable crop and marketing plan as well as LDE’s like creed, impromptu, extemporaneous and parli pro. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, go to the beach  and listen to music. I am so honored to serve as this years president and look forward to meeting all of our new members. Going back to school after a virtual year is going to be different but we have no limits to what we are capable of. Let’s get the year started!

Kiyana Brown



What’s up Warriors!!  My name’s Kiyana Brown and I am beyond excited to be serving as your 2021-2022 Vice President! I’m beginning my senior year and my fourth year as a member of Righetti FFA. I have made numerous memories in the blue jacket such as competing in Creed, O/C, Job Interview, Parli Pro, and my personal favorite, poultry evaluation . My favorite part of being involved is growing as an individual and creating connections with other members. When I’m not competing, you can find me cheering on the sidelines at varsity games or hanging out with friends ! I love repping school spirit and getting involved however I can. I enjoy traveling, the outdoors, and quality time with my family and friends.  I am super excited for this year and cannot wait to get started! Let’s do this!! 

Anabel Guererro



Hey Righetti FFA, my name is Anabel Guerrero and I’m so excited to announce that I am serving as your 2021–2022-chapter Secretary! I am a Sophomore at Righetti and am super excited to make this another great year! I have participated in many events during my first year and it was a BLAST! I was a part of opening & closing, BIG, creed, and Poultry, along with that I had the opportunity to raise a goat  this was a huge learning experience and was defiantly worth all the hard work. My favorite part of this organization is having many opportunities to get involved there’s something for everyone! Outside of FFA I am the treasure of the elk’s antlers club here we help out the community and hold events with the elks this has been lots of fun and gives me other ways to connect with my community. On my free time I like to draw, go to the park, be with animals, and most of all be with friends and family. Let’s make this a great year! Go warriors!

Jada Sanchez



Hey everyone! My name is Jada Sanchez and I will be serving as your 2021-2022 Chapter Reporter! I am honored to announce that I will also be serving as the Santa Barbara Section Historian! My favorite part about being in the FFA is all the memories made throughout the years. As reporter it is my duty to capture all your special moments, so catch me with a camera in my hands at all times. My main goal this year is to ensure that all of our social media accounts are filled with fun and interactive content…stay tuned I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this organization! 

Carlos Gonzalez



Hello everyone, it’s Carlos Gonzalez. This year I was lucky enough to receive the position of the Treasurer for the year of 2021-2022! I am so pumped to see what we encounter this upcoming year. One of my all time favorite memories in FFA would be when I was able to organize my first ever banquet, I got to experience something not most others would, which was greeting all the members.  I wish to see everyone take the opportunities they are put to join in this organization because things only come around once! As we faze out of the lock down and now into reality we now get to enjoy reuniting! “Put ‘We’ before ‘Me’ “️ Hope to see everyone in the upcoming Agtivities

Yasmine Hernandez



Hey Righetti FFA! It’s Yasmine Hernandez and this year I will be serving as your 2021-2022 chapter Sentinel! I am now a Senior this year which means it is sadly my last year in the ag program. Through my time in this program, I’ve had the opportunity to compete in many LDE and CDE competitions such as job interview, opening and closing, parliamentary procedure, floral, marketing co-ops, and Ag sales.I also showed a goat my sophomore year, placing 2nd in my class, making it my favorite memory within FFA! Aside from FFA, I really enjoy spending time with those I love, listening to music, and relaxing with my crazy cat.I’m super excited to spend my senior year with my amazing team and chapter! I can’t wait to create such fun filled memories with all of you, this upcoming school year!

Adrena Longoria



Heyy Righetti FFA! My name is Adrena Longoria and I am serving as your 2021-2022 Chapter Sweetheart ! I am headed into my junior year and this will be my 3rd year being involved in FFA. I participated in a livestock SAE project this past fair and raised market swine, I definitely loved the experience and it totally helped with my responsibility skills and time management . I am also apart of Varsity girl’s golf and Varsity girl’s softball. Outside of FFA, I like to listen to music and hangout with friends and family. I cannot wait to get this year started!! 

Savannah Taylor



Hey Righetti FFA! My name is Savannah Taylor and this year I am serving as your 2021-22 chapter historian!  I will be a junior this year, and this is my 3rd year in this organization.  Throughout the years, I have made memories and new friends throughout events across the state. I participated in the Agricultural Sales CDE  and placed 5th in the state for Parliamentary Procedure this past year.  When not in FFA, I work on my academics and help out with my five siblings. I love listening to rock music  (especially Fleetwood Mac and RHCP) and going to Dutch Bros at least three times a week. I enjoy hanging with the people I love, going to new places, and meeting people who leave a positive impact on me.  I can't wait to meet the new faces and encourage you all to try new things in the FFA! There is always something that you will enjoy in our program!  I hope to see you on campus and at FFA events!

Chloe Hightower



 Hey guys! My name is Chloe Hightower and I will be serving as your Chapter Parliamentarian for the 2021-2022 school year! I am beyond excited to start off this year and get to know all of you. I am currently a junior and this will be my 3rd year in FFA. I have participated in many competitions throughout my years like public speaking some are impromptu, creed, BIG, opening and closing, and my favorite parli- pro! I also have been on the floral team for the past 2 years. I have shown swine in the past which was one of my favorite experiences . Outside of FFA I love to hang out with friends and go out and do many things. My favorite thing to do is go to the beach  or for a drive down the backroads. I am beyond excited to see what is to come for the new year. I am a friendly face around school and hope to be a great example for everyone, I also hope to see you all involved! 

Ashley Palin

Student Advisor 


What’s up guys! My name is Ashley Palin and i’m super excited you serve as your 2021-2022 Student Advisor!  This is my senior year here at Righetti and I couldn’t think of a better way than to finish out my years in FFA. The last three years have been a blast, competing on all sorts of CDE’s and LDE’s such as Veggies and Parli Pro. I always have loved raising animals for the fair, meeting new friends, and all of the everlasting memories I have made. Also, I am proud to be serving as your Santa Barbara Sectional secretary! Outside of FFA, I spend my free time with my friends, working at a local veterinary clinic, or spending time with my dogs! I cant wait to start this year off and meet everyone!