Welcome Livestock Exhibitors!

Good luck to all 2022 SBCF Livestock Exhibitors! Follow @righettiffa for updates during fair week!

Our livestock exhibitors compete at the local Santa Barbara County Fair held in mid-July. For more information on fair procedures and guidelines visit the website. 


Swine is a popular large livestock project for the Santa Barbara County fair, with approximately 55 students showing hogs through Righetti FFA annually. For more information on raising a swine for our local fair please talk to Mr. M. Guerra. (Email mguerra@smjuhsd.org)


Market sheep are a popular large livestock project. They are a great animal for students looking to get more hands on experience in the animal industry. For more information on raising a sheep for our local fair contact Ms. Costa (Email kcosta@smjuhsd.org) or Mr. G. Guerra (Email gguerra@smjuhsd.org)


The Warrior Goat Program

The Warrior Goat Program is a non-profit organization that was started in 2014 by a Righetti FFA student to give special needs students the experience of showing an animal at fair. The program gives the students the full experience of raising and working with a goat all at no cost to them. If you have any questions about the program feel free to contact Ms. Costa. (Email kcosta@smjuhsd.org)

Market Goat

Market Goats are among one of the many other large livestock species a student could show at Fair. Being a smaller species of livestock, goats make a great project for students who are looking to become more involved in showing larger livestock in the future. For more information on raising a goat for our local fair contact Ms. Costa (Email kcosta@smjuhsd.org)


Beef Cattle is a demanding yet rewarding large livestock project. Students can raise a Market Beef and/or a Replacement Heifer project. For more information on raising a steer or heifer for our local fair contact Ms. A. Guerra. (Email aguerra@smjuhsd.org)

Small Livestock

Small Livestock is a great beginner project for most members. Students have the option of raising a Market Turkey, Chicken Meat Pen, or a Rabbit Meat Pen. For more information on raising rabbits or poultry for our local fair contact Mr. Jimenez (Email hejimenez@smjuhsd.org) or Ms. Al. Guerra. (Email alguerra@smjuhsd.org)


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