Welcome Livestock Exhibitors!

Advisors are awaiting for any 2021 SBCF updates. Contact the Fair office directly for questions regarding the SBCF. Specific questions regarding student livestock projects contact the Advisor listed for each animal specie. Check back for further updates!

Our livestock exhibitors compete at the local Santa Barbara County Fair held in mid-July. For more information on fair procedures and guidelines visit the website. 


Swine is a popular large livestock project for the Santa Barbara County fair, with approximately 55 students showing hogs through Righetti FFA annually. For more information on raising a swine for our local fair please talk to Mr. M. Guerra. (Email mguerra@smjuhsd.org)


Market sheep are a popular large livestock project. They are a great animal for students looking to get more hands on experience in the animal industry. For more information on raising a sheep for our local fair contact Ms. Costa (Email kcosta@smjuhsd.org) or Mr. G. Guerra (Email gguerra@smjuhsd.org)


The Warrior Goat Program

The Warrior Goat Program is a non-profit organization that was started in 2014 by a Righetti FFA student to give special needs students the experience of showing an animal at fair. The program gives the students the full experience of raising and working with a goat all at no cost to them. If you have any questions about the program feel free to contact Ms. Costa. (Email kcosta@smjuhsd.org)

Market Goat

Market Goats are among one of the many other large livestock species a student could show at Fair. Being a smaller species of livestock, goats make a great project for students who are looking to become more involved in showing larger livestock in the future. For more information on raising a goat for our local fair contact Ms. Costa (Email kcosta@smjuhsd.org)


Beef Cattle is a demanding yet rewarding large livestock project. Students can raise a Market Beef and/or a Replacement Heifer project. For more information on raising a steer or heifer for our local fair contact Ms. A. Guerra. (Email aguerra@smjuhsd.org)

Small Livestock

Small Livestock is a great beginner project for most members. Students have the option of raising a Market Turkey, Chicken Meat Pen, or a Rabbit Meat Pen. For more information on raising rabbits or poultry for our local fair contact Mr. Jimenez (Email hejimenez@smjuhsd.org) or Ms. Al. Guerra. (Email alguerra@smjuhsd.org)


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