National Convention

The largest conference that you can attend as a regular member is the FFA National Convention, which is typically held mid to late October every year. Members from all 50 states gather in Indianapolis, Indiana to compete in national level competitions, attend the convention floor and national store, and experience the national sessions, ran by the highest ranked officers in the FFA. This year, the convention has been moved back to indianapolis so even more members can have a chance to attend. Outside of the convention, we go sightseeing and enjoy our trip around the city and countryside. Last year we went to the McCoy Genetics Pig Farm, the huge Cabelas store, walked around Louisville itself, and ate at Cracker Barrel a few times. Being the largest convention, it gets really crowded but part of the experience is meeting people around our country who serve the same organization as us. This year our chapter will be only taking our American Degree Recipients, Garrett Barreneche, Jonathan Barreneche, Blake Debonardi and Steven Waldron. Please give a huge round of applause as well as a congratulations to our chapters recipients.