Secional Opening and Closing

On October 5th, 2019 Sectional Opening and Closing was held at Pioneer Valley High School, we had many schools from our Santa Barbara Section attend this competition. Many students up to freshmen all the way to Seniors competed at this competition. Righetti FFA took 8 Novice teams 4 open teams and 1 officer team to compete at this years sectional opening and closing. Righetti FFA had a successful competition 1 of the novice team received fourth place and the other novice team received 3 place, 1 of our open teams received 5th place out of 16 teams, and our very own officer team place third place, our very own Eddie Munoz received outstanding sentinel and Kiyana Brown received outstanding Secretary. “ it was fun and I had a good time - said Lexi a freshmen from righetti high school . another student said, ``I was really proud of my team and I look forward to do better next year said - Evelin, overall this year's sectional opening and closing was a success.