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Career Development Events are competitions held at college campuses around the state. Students can participate in these events to gain knowledge on different agriculture-based careers. Some CDEs are even extended to the national level, where state champion teams can travel and compete during the National FFA Convention.


Leadership Development Events are designed to enhance agriculture leadership and public speaking skills. These events are held from the sectional level to national level. LDEs prepare students for their future careers in agriculture and develop their self- confidence.


Supervised Agriculture Experiences allow students to learn by doing.  A member can begin a project or experience and work on it throughout high school. They are eligible to receive a proficiency award, which recognizes student SAE success if they have conducted the procedures for more than two years.


Leadership Conferences are designed to strengthen the leadership skills of members. They provide students with the opportunity to create friendships and build connects that can benefit them in their future endeavors.

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