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-Get to know your 2023-2024 officers-

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The Chapter Officer team consists of nine members who have chosen to take their leadership responsibilities a step further. These members are the head of this program and serve as positive role models for the students.
The team must work together to keep our chapter in good standing. They strive to better our program and develop the future leaders of the FFA.




"Hey Righetti FFA! Throughout my 3 years in FFA I have had the opportunity to compete in various CDE teams such as Poultry Evaluation at the national level, agriculture pests, Vegetable Judging, and AET as well as various LDEs which include opening and closing, BIG, Creed, parlimentary procedure, impromptu, and extempouraneous! I have also raised goats for the past three years and broilers as well! FFA has helped me become the person I am today and I hope that I can help others find their passion in the FFA this year, whether that be in raising livestock or learning how to formally debate. As your chapter president, I hope I can make this a memorable and flantastic year!
Go warriors!"



Vice President

"What's good Righetti FFA! It has always been a dream and one of my FFA goals to become an FFA officer. One of my goals for the FFA is to participate in 2-3 CDE teams this year. I love working, raising livestock, and having fun with my friends. I hope to see you all soon!




Hey Righetti FFA! I'm a Junior this year and some of the previous FFA related events that I've done include participating on a fruit tree pruning state champion team (5th High Individual), tree judging, veggie judging (1st place in state for reasons), Parliamentary Procedure President, Creed, Opening and Closing, Impromptu (state), FFA High Point Champion Horse Show (2022, 2023) and also I show lambs and broiler chickens at the Santa Barbara County Fair. Outside of FFA I love taking care of all my animals and spending time outdoors. I am currently raising a Guide Dog for the Blind puppy in training named Izzy! I also love the ocean and I hope to travel the world one day conducting research as a wildlife veterinarian! I'm so excited to be your chapter Secretary!




Hi everyone! I have been in the FFA for three years. FFA is truly a passion of mine. FFA has taught me many things such as accountability and responsibility. Some of my favorite things about this program is the CDE's and LDE's, raising animals, and our Kinderpatch. My goal for this year is to get many of you involved and show how fun FFA can really be. Let's make this year count and expand our reach!




Howdy Righetti FFA! I LOVE competing in competitions such as Livestock Judging, Ag Pest Control, AET Farm Record, and Parliamentary Procedure. I have been raising market swine for the past two years as well! Outside of the Blue Jacket I am hanging out with my dog (Reyna), traveling, or hanging out with my best friends! I am looking forward to meeting everyone!




Hello Righetti FFA! I'm currently a senior, and although this is only my second year participating in the FFA, I am more than determined to get involved and serve as a leader for our chapter. In terms of activities, I have participated in multiple CDE's, like Poultry Evaluation and Parliamentary Procedure. This year. I'm hoping to participate in plenty more competitions, and hopefully get a top spot in one! Outside of the FFA I am usually participating in the RHS Ballet Folklorico and Marimba Band, as a dancer and musician. In my free time, I love practicing my hobbies of guitar and computer coding, or exploring new places with my family. I can't wait to meet and grow with you all in the upcoming year!

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Hey everyone! I am a sophomore and last year I participated in Parliamentary Procedure and I also did other things like attending GLC, Creed Speaking competition, livestock evaluation, and I raised market swine for the SBCF! One of my favorite things about the FFA is meeting new people. I love working with animals, and I have a lot of different pets including 2 cats, a dog, 4 chickens, a rabbit and about 60 zebra finches. I can't wait to get this year started and I look forward to meeting everyone!




Hey warriors! This past year in FFA i have competed in CDE's like Creed and Parliamentary Procedure. I also competed in Poultry Evaluation, and I was a Star Greenhand. I also raised livestock for fair as well. During my free time I love dancing, listening to music, and watching Supercross with my family. This year I hope to get all members more involved in events and activities. I can't wait to get this year started and to see all of you! 



Student Advisor

Hello Righetti FFA! As a senior, I have been able to be involved in FFA for the past three years. Throughout my time wearing this blue jacket I have made unforgettable memories. I have participated in many LDE's and CDE's. My favorite ones being Parli-Pro and Poultry Evaluation. I've shown swine at our local county fair for the past three years. Beyond the jacket you can find me with my family at Disneyland, hanging with friends, or getting In-N-Out. I can't wait to have an amazing year with you all.


Activities Director

Hey everybody! I am so excited for this upcoming year. I am most looking forward to getting more students involved in our activities and events. I'm also excited to be more involved myself and I can't wait to help out as much as I can! Some things I like to do are hunting, fishing, and spending time with my family and friends! I also love being outside and I love helping others! I can't wait for this upcoming year!

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