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-Get to know your 2022-2023 officers-

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The Chapter Officer team consists of nine members who have chosen to take their leadership responsibilities a step further. These members are the head of this program and serve as positive role models for the students.
The team must work together to keep our chapter in good standing. They strive to better our program and develop the future leaders of the FFA.

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Hey Righetti FFA! My name is Jada Sanchez and this year I am serving as your Chapter President! Within my years wearing the blue jacket I’ve competed on various judging teams, participated in prepared speaking, and raised market hogs for 3 years. My absolute favorite part of this organization is the great opportunities that I have received. From having the opportunity to get to know members of our region as Regional Vice President and being able to travel across the country to compete in Poultry Evaluation. Outside of my cowgirl boots and uniform, I spend all my money on Dutch bros and my weekends watching the sunset at the beach. I can’t wait to spend this year with everyone!



Vice President

What’s up everyone it’s Carlos Gonzalez. Throughout FFA I’ve been able to see lots of potential growth, I never would of thought me pursuing something so out of the ordinary. As I enter my last year in high school I can see myself doing what my younger self wouldn’t have even imagined doing… going out of my comfort zone! I am beyond excited to see what we have planned this year, hope you will be ready to be mind blown!




Howdy Righetti FFA! My name is Adrena Longoria and I am serving as your 2022-2023 Chapter Secretary! I am currently a senior and going into my final year in the FFA program. Throughout my four years in the program, I have attended many leadership conferences and competed in public speaking events like opening & closing, creed, parli-pro, and my favorite extemporaneous. My favorite judging team being poultry evaluation. I like to show swine and turkeys for my county fair. Outside of FFA, I play both golf and softball for my high school. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I can't wait to get this year started and meet the next leaders of the program!




What is up Righetti FFA! My name is Chloe Hightower and I am Serving as your chapter treasurer! Throughout my years I’ve done public speaking my favorite being Parli-Pro and judging teams and my favorite being poultry. My favorite part about FFA has been attending conferences all over the state, they have created friendships and learning opportunities for me throughout the years. Outside of my blue jacket, I love to hang out with my friends and do spontaneous things, going to the beach or the farmers market, and even driving around town singing my heart out with my friends. I am excited to spend my last year guiding all of you with your time in the program, getting to know you guys, and building memories that will last a lifetime!




What’s happening warriors! My name’s Savannah Taylor and I am stoked to be serving as this year’s chapter reporter! I’ve been making memories by competing in parli-pro, impromptu, creed, ag sales, and my absolute favorite, poultry evaluation. In this organization, I  have watched many individuals grow and created connections with members all around the nation through my blog. I’m grateful FFA has developed me into a passionate and motivated individual!  Whenever I’m not representing the blue and gold, you can catch me at Dutch Bros whipping up crazy drinks for customers and spending money shopping. I can’t wait to create new memories and get this year rolling onto a new start!!




Hey Righetti FFA! My name is Samantha McDonald (Sam) and this year I'm serving as your 2022-2023 chapter sentinel! I'm a sophomore this year and some of the previous FFA events that I've done include participating on a fruit tree pruning state champion team, tree judging, veggie judging, parliamentary procedure, Creed, and I show lambs and broiler chickens at the Santa Barbara County Fair. Outside of FFA I love taking care of my animals and spending time outside. As of this year I currently have a guide dog named Tulia, a special needs cat, my horse, my hamster, and my fish! I'm so excited to be your chapter sentinel!




Hey Righetti FFA! My name is Erin Trathen and this year I will be serving as your Chapter Historian!  I am thankful for all FFA has done for me, I now have opportunities that I wouldn’t have before and connections with people who’ve become important to me. Throughout my time in the program, I’ve been lucky enough to partake in tree pruning, tree judging, parliamentary procedure, and vegetable crop judging. Outside of the FFA, I love to play soccer, hang out with my dogs, as well as travel and explore new places! I cannot wait to make the most of this year and create new memories with all of you!

Anabel Guerrero.HEIC



Hey Righetti FFA! My name is Anabel Guerrero and I’m serving as your Chapter Sweetheart! This will be my 3rd year being involved in FFA and I cannot tell you how amazing it has been! This past year I got the opportunity to compete in Poultry at the National level in Indianapolis! Along with that I have also participated in Marketing Co-ops and Agricultural Pest and LDE’s including creed, impromptu, and Parli Pro! I enjoy learning about the different animals and seeing all their different personalities! I enjoy visiting new places, making flan, writing, and spending time with my family! I’m so excited for this year and can’t wait to see all of everyone’s accomplishments! Go Warriors!!

Isaiah Calderon.HEIC


Student Advisor

​Hey Righetti FFA! My name’s Isaiah Calderon and I'm serving as your 2022-2023-chapter student advisor! This year, I'm 17 years old and heading into my last year of high school. Throughout my years in the FFA, I've been involved with LDE's like Creed and opening and closing and CDE teams like tree pruning where I was able to win a state championship in Fresno last year! I've also loved meeting new people along the way! When I'm not occupied with FFA, I like to spend time with my friends and family, working at a local animal clinic, and listening to music (specifically Tame Impala and Steve Lacy). I can't wait to get the year started and meet you all during our events, hope to see you soon!

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