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Righetti FFA Chapter hold over 800 members and provides many opportunities for them to get involved. Check out what our chapter has been up to this year! Be sure to click the post to view the complete newsletter.


Righetti FFA Celebrates Greenhands

On November 16th, freshman members of the Righetti FFA chapter were initiated as a member of the FFA. Freshman FFA members, known as Greenhands, receive their Greenhand degree to start their journey in the FFA.

During the school day, students in the agriculture science courses taught by Alexandrea Trigueros dipped their hands in green dye to celebrate being a Greenhand, while leadership students were introducing them to the opportunities FFA has to offer.

Later that night, the Greenhands were celebrated with a banquet to initiate them into the FFA. There was a greenest hand contest and FFA trivia for the students to participate in. Five of the greenhands were selected as Greenhand officers, and will perform duties alongside the chapter officer team.

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