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Righetti FFA Chapter hold over 800 members and provides many opportunities for them to get involved. Check out what our chapter has been up to this year! Be sure to click the post to view the complete newsletter.



This fall, Righetti FFA was awarded Chapter of the Year by the Santa Barbara FFA Section. Several members of the Righetti FFA chapter attended the Chapter Officer Leadership Conference in Hollister, where the award was given out to the chapter.The conference included creating connections with other FFA members, working on leadership skills, a lip-sync contest, and personal development workshops.

For the Chapter of the Year Award, Righetti FFA had over 55 State FFA Degrees, 2 state proficiency finalists, 2 state champion Career Development Event teams, 2 South Coast FFA Region officers and involvement from over 800 members. This is the first time in school history where the FFA chapter has received this award out of all chapters in the Santa Barbara Section, which ranges from Santa Ynez to Arroyo Grande.

Samantha McDonald, who attended the conference for the first time, mentions "This year was my first ever year attending COLC. It was such a cool event that I hope to experience it again. The people there were amazing. "

Every year, the South Coast FFA Region, which is located from Los Angeles to San Jose, puts on this leadership conference. The Righetti FFA Officer Team includes regional officers Adrena Longoria and Jada Sanchez. These two helped facilitate and prepare the conference for over 300 leaders in the region.

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